Companies, Startups & OZ Projects

Step 1: Company, Startups & OZ Projects create an account then fill out a short online form providing basic information about their company.  Halagard performs a review of the information to determine if there is a good match for our services.  If not, we have partners who can help with alternative solutions.

Step 2: Companies, Startups & OZ Projects that are a good match for our Connect-In services provide a deeper set of information and financials.  This allows Halagard to underwrite and score the company.

Step 3: All Companies Startups & OZ Projects that have strong scores move into the Deal Maker part of Connect-In and provide information needed for a private offering (PPM) creation.  Legal and accounting work begins. If a company has a low score, we share their information with our capital partners.

Step 4: Once the PPM is created and published on our site, Connect-In begins the process of notifying investors of the opportunity and gauging interest.  We set a date for investors to submit questions and the date for bidding on the initial price per share.

Step 5: Investors will set the initial price via a patent-pending process, and then the actual Digital IPO will be executed.  Capital will flow to the business and shares of the company are given to Investors.

Step 6::  The shares will age for one year before they can be traded in the Connect-In Market.


Step 1: You will first create an account and then confirm you are an Accredited Investor.  Once approved you will be able to access the Connect-In Deal Maker Portal

Step 2: Inside the Investor Portal you can:

  • research companies that have active PPM's / seeking investment
  • set your investment criteria (e.g. geography, earnings, industry etc.)
  • review your holdings, current value of your portfolio, trends, news, trade history of company x, buy / sell shares, etc.
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Halagard has created an interactive platform that opens doors to Opportunity Zones for business owners, investors and community leaders to pursue the dynamic possibilities in distressed communities around the nation.
Jimmy Kemp
President, Jack Kemp Foundation
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